121 Degrees & Counting!

I left Mesa, AZ today for what I thought would be cooler climates. Boy was I wrong! My outdoor thermometer climbed to 121 today, I’m surprised it still works!

We had a good trip. Left about 9:45am and got here 1pm (with 2 stops), so not bad. Oh, yeah, we’re in Ehrenberg, AZ now. Staying at a little campground on the Colorado River. I love driving my rig, such a great feeling of freedom!

Didn’t accomplish much today. Spent a bit of time trying to get the satellite to work, but finally locked on and now I’m a happy camper with tv.

Gomez & I went for a walk down to the river once it cooled down (107 now). He actually enjoyed getting his little feet wet. I was so happy to see him getting wet & cooling off. I know he is happy to be out of this house for a while. I’m going to try to get up early & take him for a dip before it gets too hot again. It’s supposed to be another hot one tomorrow, so I guess we’ll be indoors for most of the day. Not to worry, I can always find something to do in here!

Gomez from RV Mama's Table For One! Cookbook, www.table41cookbook.com

Ok, it’s been a really long & hot day, and I’m exhausted from it all. I think I’ll take a shower & lay in bed under the a/c and watch my satellite!

Til’ tomorrow…

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  1. 121?! I don’t think it ever gets that hot in Phoenix! I hope you make it to cooler land soon.

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