California Here We Come!

Sunny Jo in Santa MonicaCalifornia, here we come!

Said good-bye to Arizona this morning. Gomez & I crossed the Colorado & said hello to California. We’re in Palm Springs for about a week. Wonder what we’ll find here…

Well, so far, it’s been an interesting day. Nice campground we’re staying in. Friendly owners and residents. They have a mineral hot spring fed pool. Oh, it felt great to go swimming. It was nice & breezy when I got out that I was actually cold. It feels good to be in weather that’s only in the 90’s compared to the dreaded heat of the 100’s!

Desert Springs RV Spa ParkAfter dinner, I walked around to the back of the property where they have this little garden set up with some chairs for those who like to watch the sun set. It overlooks an open field (there is a 6′ chainlink fence that separates our park from the field).

I was sitting in the garden talking on my cell phone and watching the sun set behind the mountains when I heard this screech. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then this rabbit went flying past me. I looked in the direction from which it came and there it was!! A MOUNTAIN LION!! It was POUNCING on it’s dinner! That was all brother. I hung up on who I was talking to and started running like the devil was chasing me back to my rig. I didn’t care to be his dessert.

I got the keys to my truck & drove back over there to sit for awhile to see if I could see him again, but he was either hiding in the brush eating or just gone. Then as I was hanging out the window, a bunny came about 3′ from me and I started talking to him. He stayed there for the longest time just watching me. He was the cutest thing and then he ran off into the field. I hope he is not going to be the mountain lion’s next meal!

I’m going back tomorrow evening to see if I see the ML again!

Til’ tomorrow!

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