I thought it never rains in southern California?

Palm SpringsAfter a bad night’s sleep, I woke up at 7am to the sound of rain sprinkling on my roof. What the?? I thought it never rained in southern California?

Then I remembered that my awning was partially out which meant getting out of bed to pull the damn thing out all the way else it would puddle up with water & either stretch or rip… neither of which will result in anything good. So I got up out of bed and went out in the rain to pull out the awning. It was nice & cool outside and by that time, the rain stopped. It was just a passing drizzle.

I figured while I was up, why not head to the Farmer’s Market in Palm Desert at the College? I get dressed, I walk the dog, I hop in my truck & head over there. It’s not far, about 15 minutes away. So what did I buy at the Farmer’s Market? Bupkis! Because of that little bit of drizzle, they canceled the market for the day. It was probably the only day this year it will close & of course it was the day I was heading over there. Walmart here I come!

Last day here in Palm Springs. I’m not too sad about leaving even though it was only 96 degrees today. I’m told August is their hot month & it will be 120+ degrees here – UGGHH!! Not for me, I’ve had enough of the heat. Gomez & I are headed for cooler climates tomorrow morning! We’ll be on our way to San Bernardino for a few nights and then off to Ventura and the beaches – YEAH!!!

Til’ tomorrow…

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