London Bridge is NOT falling down

Hanging out at London Bridge at Lake Havasu City

Drove up to Lake Havasu City this morning. Took County Road 1 from Ehrenberg. What a deserted, strange, creepy road for the first 10 miles, then it opens up to all hay & cotton farmland and it’s just beautiful. Quiet ride, I was the only one heading north on this road until I hit US95 in Parker. That’s another story all together! Twisty, curvy, mountainous, and great scenery all the way to LHC.

I found the London Bridge Hotel, which is kind of cool. Parked at the Convention Center which sits on the channel overlooking the bridge. Got out, walked down the hill to the park along the channel, and took pictures of the London Bridge! I guess I expected more, although it was very beautiful, just not as grandiose as I imagined.

I then drove over the bridge and took a video of it while driving (yes, I know this is dangerous, don’t try this at home, lol). It’s an amazing story of how a man paid 2.5 million dollars to buy this bridge, tear it down, ship it to America, and then spend 3 years to rebuild it in the middle of (then) nowhere, Lake Havasu City! Very cool story indeed!

Lake Havasu in ArizonaAfterwards, I found this little county park on the Lake and parked, walked around in the water for a bit. It was so nice and cool. It was great! A woman hanging out on her pontoon boat (she owns one of the jet ski rental places on the lake) suggested I “go for it” and so I did… clothes & all right into the lake I went! I swam for over an hour. Then I hung out with my new friend (Jennifer) on her boat and we gabbed the afternoon away.Hanging out at London Bridge at Lake Havasu City

Drove home from the lake and came home to a huge dust storm heading my way. So of course I got out my camera & took pictures and video of it all. Then we had a lightning storm, followed by bowling alley thunder, and finally the rain came & went in the blink of any eye. My rig was a rockin-n-a-rollin’! But it cooled down out there to 82! Too bad it’s too dark to take Gomez down by the river now.

Dust Storm in Ehrenberg, Arizona

Til’ tomorrow…

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