Sunset is my favorite time of the day

I love sunset! The sun is just starting to set behind the mountains here at our campground (we’re in Santa Paula now). I took my nightly walk around the grounds to exercise my glutes (VERY hilly here), see the wildlife in the park and take some more pictures of course. This is my favorite time of the day!

I said good-nite to the numerous bunnies that like to graze one last time before settling in for the night.

I said good-nite to the peacocks as they made their way up the hill towards my rig. This truly is my favorite part of the day. It is a nightly ritual with them. They come from all over the park up the hill to where I am parked. They wander over to the little laundry room building across from our space where they battle eachother until one peacock will be the all mighty male. He then flies up to the roof of the laundry building where he will proudly sit for a while and crow. Then they all fly up into the pine tree in the space next to mine to nest for the night. Who knew peacocks could fly? I certainly didn’t.

My time here is coming to an end soon. It went by too quickly. I will be heading out of here in a few days. It’s been a lot of fun here. This park is absolutely gorgeous and I would gladly stay here again.

Yesterday I discovered 2 things: A divine little piece of heaven called Channel Islands Beach and my favorite eating joint all in the same neighborhood, Chipotle’s of course!

This beach is tucked away at Channel Islands Harbor. The houses on the beach are beautiful, and it was really nice to watch all the yachts roll in and out of the harbor.

It’s funny, being from the east coast, I’m not accustomed to the sun in my eyes when at the beach in the afternoon. Also, it’s very overcast & hazy here for most of the day until the marine layer rolls off and the sun finally peeks out, so I’ve been going to the beach later in the day. No matter, it’s a beach! I am so happy to be on the beach again, and getting quite a nice tan I might add too!

I drove down to Santa Monica Pier over the weekend. That was interesting. I’ve never seen so many people in one place! The pier is just insane. There are restaurants, vendors, fisherman, boutiques, and a trapeze school!! Also, the radio station broadcasts from there so it was fun to listen to some music. Lots of fun. I never made it over to the downtown area so I guess I’ll have to go back, but that looked just as fun as the Pier. I did however, stop for a good slice of pizza and garlic knots on my way out of there. Yeah! How yummy! Real pizza again! So let’s see… California has beaches, no rain, real pizza, garlic knots, and Chipotle’s! Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me.

I drove up to Ojai Valley this morning. Cute little town, great scenery. Oh yeah, when I got back from the beach this afternoon, my neighbor told me about the earthquake we had here. Nope, I didn’t feel it, I was on the beach. She said it felt like someone rammed into the back of her rig. She ran outside and said everyone else was outside also checking their rigs to see if they were hit from behind by something, lol. She said it only lasted a few seconds. I miss all the good stuff! That might explain why Gomez has been so squirly since I got home. He probably thought the house was coming down around him, poor guy!

Ok, til’ tomorrow…

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time in California! I didn’t know that peacocks could fly either. I guess I just assumed they couldn’t because I’ve never seen one do it. But what’s to keep them from it, really?

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