Walking in Brown Sand

I’ve spent 22 years living in Florida and the beaches are wonderful there. The sand ranges from pure white and as soft as baby powder to crushed shells that hurt to walk on barefoot. I’ve heard there are beaches where the sand is black but I’ve never seen them. It’s been a few years since I’ve put my feet in the sands of Florida and I’ve missed it terribly.

Today I went to Newport Beach, California. They have brown sand. It was absolute heaven to walk in the sand on the beach again! I sat down on the sand and dug my feet in. I tried to go for a swim but the water was ice cold and the sun hadn’t quite come out yet (it was still hazy but clearing up rather quickly). I’m told that’s called the Marine Layer. There’s quite a difference between east coat & west coast beaches, but they are both magnificent in their own right.

I went walking along Balboa Pier on the Peninsula. There is a ferry that takes you from the Peninsula to Balboa Island which I can’t imagine would take more than 4-1/2 minutes to get there considering I can spit across the canal to the island.

I didn’t ride the ferry over but sat & watched the seagulls and the ferry crossing the bay (which holds all of 3 cars and a few walkers & bike riders). There’s a few little shops that I wandered through, but amazingly, I didn’t buy anything, lol.

Then I drove a few miles up the road to Newport Pier. There are shops and restaurants everywhere there and parking is very hard to come by. I finally found a space in front of a pizzeria so I parked & went in for a slice not expecting too much in the way of good pizza.

To my surprise, it was very good! Alas, real pizza AND sold by the slice!! Since my parking space was limited to 30 minutes, I had eat quick & then move on. Beach parking was miserable. You’d think they were giving away gold coins on the beach there were so many people. So instead I drove a few blocks south and found FREE parking along a side street and only had to walk 2 blocks to get to the beach.

I parked my beach chair in the sand and watched the surfers ride the big waves. And what big waves they were too! I’ve never seen such big waves as these. It was amazing. Every time I saw one of those surfers flip over the top of one, I could hear myself gasp and say “holy crap” out loud. After a few hours, I thought it best to get out of the sun lest I get burnt & can’t enjoy what I”ve got planned for tomorrow. What is it you ask? Guess you’ll just have to read about it tomorrow, lol.

Now I’m going to cook up some citrus shrimp with brown rice & have a delicious dinner. Then I think Gomez and I will enjoy some fresh air and sit outside for a bit.

Til’ tomorrow…


  1. Speaking of surfing, check out the movie Surfwise: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479547/At first, it looks like our theme movie, but it has rather disturbing underpinnings.

  2. Newport Beach, such a neat place

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