Happy 4th of July… not

July 4th at Long Beach4th of July in the desert. Not a pretty picture. 108 degrees and fireworks have been banned, which is really no surprise since everything here is parched and dry and just waiting for a match to light it up.

My campground sits a bit atop of the valley and I can see the lights of Palm Springs at nite. I saw the lights last nite, but no fireworks anywhere. I had to be content with reading online about other places having a glorious holiday filled with lights in the sky. I know it sounds like I’m complaining alot, but there really isn’t much here to brag about.

Going back to the couch to watch a Lifetime movie… it’s 110 degrees outside, feels like 210. Another hour and the sun will go behind the trees that gives us a little relief from the direct heat.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!

‘Til next time…

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