Fall has arrived

Fall in HarrisburgI know I haven’t posted since July! But there really hasn’t been much to say since then. The summer heat exhausted me and kind of took the wind out of my sails. Stayed cooped up inside like a sardine in this tin can all summer. Five solid months of triple digit heat! Ugh! It has finally cooled down and in the 80s now, 50’s at nite. I actually had to get the blanket out last nite, lol.

I miss the fall weather back home in Pennsylvania and all the leaves changing colors! Nothing changes color here. It’s depressing not to have all of the seasons around you.

I did spend a few great days at Long Beach romping in the water in late August. Made me realize just how much I really miss the beach! Hoping to relocate out to LA in the spring to be closer to the beach. Might be a little easier to find a job out there as well since work is dead here in Palm Springs. Everyone I meet tells me I’m too young to be here, that this is where people come to die. How depressing to hear that all the time! But I believe everything happens for a reason. My reasoning is that I am meant to be here for the reason that if I wasn’t, I may not have started writing my new cookbook and I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people who are supporting it.

You can follow it’s progress at www.table41cookbook.com.

Well, I’m off to test a new recipe.

‘Til next time!


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