Cooking for fun or is it?

Since I went back to work full time a few months ago, there are many things I miss about having so much time off. Of course, sleeping late, a Tuesday afternoon at the beach, and taking the dog to the park in the middle of the day are top on my list. But none of those compare to the one thing I truly miss… cooking for pleasure and not because I have to.

These days, I am too tired when I get home after work to throw the spatula around, so on Sundays I usually cook a bunch of different dishes that can be packaged up into my sad little tupperwares for lunches as well as for dinner each nite when I drag my tired butt home.

Not only do I miss cooking for the fun of it, but I miss creating new recipes for my cookbook. These days I am making dishes that would serve a small army, not the recipes that I’ve worked hard to learn how to make only for one.

Today I am making up a batch of white rice. I’ll be adding a big bunch of cilantro & squeezing some limes into it. Sound familiar? Anyone who loves Chipotle’s as much as I do will know that I am making their famous Cilantro-Lime rice.

Oh how I love cilantro! Not only the flavor, but the smell is intoxicating. Someone should round up that smell & make a candle or a bottle of air freshener out of it. I would spray my entire house with a bottle of cilantro if I could.

Ok, the water for the rice is boiling. The chicken is in the oven baking with some boxed shake & bake garlic herb dressing. Dinner in 30 and then it’s a blockbuster movie since I can’t seem to find anything on my satellite to watch, even with over 500 channels!

Ciao & Bon Appetito!

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