What’s healthy got to do with it?

RV Mama's Refrigerator

Now that’s a packed refrigerator!

In my opinion, today’s society gets way too hung up on the word ‘healthy’. There are entirely too many ‘experts’ on the subject and the whole thing seems to have gotten out of control. I think ‘heathly’ is a relative term and personal to every individual.

Take for instance one of my favorite TV culinary wizards, Rachael Ray. Love her to pieces, super personality, great tips in the kitchen, but always emphasizes how her recipes are healthy. Really? With all that cheese & fat in the foods, how can that be? That would be HER idea of healthy, not mine. No offense Rach!

Another one of my favorites whom I had the pleasure to meet & take a picture with at the LA Food & Wine Festival a few years ago, Ree Drummond makes the same claims, healthy cooking. Love her website, love her ranch and wouldn’t mind a husband who looked like hers. But, and atain this is just my opinion, I don’t consider most of her recipes to be healthy. The woman must own stock in butter because other than Julia Child, I’ve never seen anyone go through so much butter in one 30 minute episode. Again, no offense to Ree, I love her recipes!

You see, healthy is a relative term. Healthy for me is when there are proven benefits as a result of what I’m cooking and eating and when I say proven, I mean by me, not the “experts”.

RV Mama's NutriBullet Morning Blast

My morning blast

I’ll prove my point… About 6 weeks ago I bought a Nutribullet (www.NutriBullet.com). It’s the best $80 investment I ever made and is now my new best friend. This whacking machine has turned my life around. I have changed my eating habits to disclude a drive by at McDonald’s for french fries or a burger from Wendy’s. I now eat salad and drink water every day, two things I’ve NEVER done before. I eat snacks which consist of fruits and veggies or something like homemade humus.  I’ve cut out almost all of my caffeine and sugar drinks (I said almost) and my refrigerator is packed to the max with fresh fruits and vegetables at all times (seriously, stand back when you open it).

To my surprise when I opened my freezer yesterday, there were 2 bare shelves. That has never happened in my whole life! Why? Because I’m not buying processed or convenient frozen microwavable foods anymore. I also noticed when I came home from the grocery store the other day with 6 bags, only 1 contained food that didn’t go in the fridge.

With the exception of weekends (I like to have my morning coffee via phone with my BFF in Alaska), I make a “blast” every morning in my NutriBullet. I prepare the cup the night before, stick it in the fridge & blast it before heading out the door to work. Since doing this, I have lost 6 pounds, have cut my caffeine & sugar (of the bad kind) intake down to about 1/3 of what it was before, if not less (I used to purchase 2 litre bottles of Pepsi like they were going out of style!), my sinus condition has cleared up and I don’t have that annoying sinus drip or sore throat anymore, my insomnia is gone, no more carb diving in the afternoon, no more mood swings or sugar crashes. I now fall asleep within 30 minutes of my head hitting the pillow each nite (it used to take me up to 2 hours), and I sleep like a rock all nite long without waking up. I have seen a dramatic change in my hair as well. Not only is it growing faster, but less of it seems to fall out these days. I just FEEL so much better !! You see – proven benefits.

For the last 5 days I’ve been on a mini-vacation. Didn’t go anywhere, just enjoyed being at home with TT and working on my cookbook. I decided NOT to make a blast for the entire 5 days to see what would happen… I also didn’t eat salad or fruits every day. I’ve been eating carb heavy meals & more meat. Well, the sinus drip is back and I’ve been sluggish and tired for the entire time. I can only imagine that if I continue this way for another week or two, the rest of my previous ailments would return and I would once again feel like crap.

So, healthy to me is making my blast every day, eating more raw foods, and properly combining foods-VERY important (Check out the Fit For Life program….meat + potatoes = delicious, but doesn’t digest properly and leaves you bloated & causes weight gain). Tomorrow I go back to work with my blast in hand, a salad in my lunch pail and some yummy homemade sweet potato humus with veggies to snack on throughout the day.

What’s your idea of ‘healthy’?

Ciao for now!

Sunny Jo


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