Tip: Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

My little rice cooker

How many of you own a rice cooker? How many of you hate to cook rice unless it comes in one of those bags you throw into boiling water, or even better, comes in a little container already cooked & you just nuke it for a minute or so?

I have a rice cooker, but for me I have to say that cooking rice has been like a dreaded chore because of the mess it makes. Maybe it’s just the cooker. Maybe there are better ones out there because let’s face it, I only paid $13 for mine. But seriously, how much do I have to spend not to have a bad experience making rice?

Anyway, I needed to make some brown rice last week for TaTae and because I hate to clean this thing, I put it off, and put if off until finally I could not put it off any longer.

Even though my cooker has a removable non-stick pan, the rice ALWAYS sticks to the bottom and gets burned unless I am constantly stirring. Now what is the point of having the rice cooker if I have to do the cooking and babysit this thing?

Also, it always bubbles up to the top of my glass lid and makes a crusty mess of it and I have to scrub it to get it clean.

So today I tried a little experiment. I took a napkin and dabbed it with some cooking oil, canola I think. Who knows. I rubbed the entire inside of the cooker pot on the sides & bottom with just a light coating. Then I cooked my rice as usual.

Out of habit, I babysat the cooker waiting for the mess to being. But to my surprise it never happened!

Rice is done & voilia! Not a single grain of rice (or quinoa, because I mix them when I cook them) stuck to the pan. AND! my little steam hole is as clean as it was before I made the rice. Just a little condensation as I would expect, otherwise, squeaky clean. As a matter of fact, the water never even bubbled up like it normally does. Fantastic!

Rice Cooker Lid

Rice Cooker Lid

OIL! Just a little dab will do ya! Who knew?

Hope this tip helps. I’d love to hear from you if it did and any other tips you’d like to share!

Ciao for now!

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